Here are a few tips on submitting your art files for screen printing. Keep in mind proper file submission can save money and prevent printing delays. Rush orders are only accepted with proper art files.

We accept the following file formats

  • Vector Files
    • Illustrator (.AI) (preferred*)
    • (.EPS) (preferred*)
  • Raster Files
    • Photoshop (.PSD)
    • PDF
    • JPEG (may incur an art fee)
    • TIFF (may incur an art fee)

.AI or .EPS files are preferred first because Vector images can be made larger (scaled) without affecting quality.

More Tips

• Ensure that all raster files (or linked images) are built at 300 dpi.
• All art should be at the exact size you want it to appear on your garment.
• If converting vector art to raster, leave the anti-aliasing option turned off.
• Rasterize or Outline any type layers.
• If your files do not meet these requirements please contact us

Have an art idea for a tee but don’t have the art. We can help!